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UX Camp Hamburg 15-08-2015 Archive

Matthias Müller-ProveKati SchröderMartin Stein

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Photos 2015


by Marcel Böttcher @73inches


Session 1

Session 2

  • Insider’s Guide to Successful Products (and Relationships) /Magdalena Sitarek magdasitarek :: Slides
  • Feedback on Concepts with AXE. Introduction & Demo. Early stage user research tool from Nokia/ /Ming Lee :: Slides
  • Precious One Tenth /Florie Salnot Fl0rie :: photo
  • Experiences with MethodKit by olamoller /Stephan Raimer curneth :: Sketchnotes
  • Microfeedback /Julius Dietz juliusdietz :: Slides
  • Blind Dates – On the right choice of test users /Reto Lämmler rlaemmler :: Slides

Session 3

  • The Magic of Motion – How to enchant you users with animation /Christian Schäfer dwarv :: animated slides
  • Bringing Taste to UX – A novel approach to mass-customization of food products. And how to bring the world of spices to the screen /Sonja Schall :: Sketchnotes
  • UX Research – Quantifying experiences at Coremedia /kris_lohmann, Nils, Hannes :: Slides
  • Live Usability Reviews /Marcel Böttcher @73inches & Andreas Dantz dantz; wirsindvier
  • Smartwatch UX – 7 Guidelines for greater Apps /Jörn @joernsie & Coci cg402038 :: Slides
  • Strategic Planning + UX /Andreas

Session 4

  • Animation in Axure /Juan Pao
  • Prototyping /Markus Olhafen @_oelhafen
  • Fuck your wireframes. Games /?
  • UX Design with Distributed Teams … How to ideate, prototype and research remotely /Johannes Baeck jbaeck :: Slides, Sketchnotes
  • Intuitive and Mobile App Onboarding /Michael Asshauer miolek
  • Hyperlocal UX as the next level of mobile design challenges /Tung Nguyen spottung

Session 5

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